Current Projects

The Strange

A short film (20 mins) set in an iconic Soho restaurant. New girl Rachel is working ‘The Strange’ for the first time – that odd moment at the end of a shift when everyone else has gone home. But Rachel is soon to discover that in this establishment there are more sinister forces at play.

Directed by Geoff Breton and shot at Andrew Edmonds’ restaurant, July 2020.

Big Cat: I Know What I Saw!

Every year across the British Isles, over two thousand sightings of big cats are reported by ‘sober and unimaginative people.’ Featuring interviews with sceptics and big cat enthusiasts, and supported by eye-witness accounts taken from dozens of newspapers, the show explores the whisker-thin line between fact and fiction. In an era characterised by a widespread distrust of experts and a growing scepticism over official sources of news, who can we trust to get to the bottom of the Big Cat debate?

Big Cat is being created with Tara Robinson, with the support of Bristol Old Vic Ferment Festival and Exeter Phoenix.

Contact me if you’d like to know more about the show.